Pro-Tip:: Get Yourself on the Hill in 2011 - Vol. 4

So we’re three tips deep in to our handy-dandy advice-a-palloza posting series, and hopefully someone is finding some useful nuggets in here somewhere (it seems at one person is, pretty sure we got an email yesterday that followed the 1st 3 tips to the letter). We’ve talked about repping your Canadian-ness, tips for presenting your music, and yesterday was about the value in a good old-fashioned name drop.


What of today’s tip then? Well, despite its somewhat parental or teacher-ly title, it’s simply a bit of common sense, and something that likely won’t require much of your time. So then, on to tip number four!


4. Do a Little Homework.
Sure, email and the internet makes everything easy. There is nothing stopping you from simply going on the Hype Machine and emailing every single blog you find on there. I know there is nothing stopping you from doing this, because we get a crap-ton of submissions which essentially say exactly that: “I found your blog on the hype machine, and I think you will love this!”. Why do you think that? We are baffled by most of the people that use that line, as we absolutely do not love about 95% of the stuff sent in that manner. Do you see any other Italian house music on herohill? Why would we love yours? So spend a few minutes on the site and see what kind of acts we cover. Why? Well I know I’ve already said there’s always a chance that we’ll take a random flyer on anyone, but really, the bands and artists we’ve established the best rapport and relationships with usually fit in with what we like. Also, try and get a feel for what kind of posts we do, it’ll make things easier when we don’t respond to your request for an interview or to host your new video via our non-existent herohill video player. And please, if you, or your PR folks, have contacted us previously, just do a quick check to see if we’ve already covered your record. Sure, it’s likely just us bloggers being hyper-sensitive, but there is something off-putting about getting a record review request email that includes a quote from our review of the album. “Hey herohill, have you heard what herohill has to say about this album?!?!” Why yes, yes we have. This happens more than you would think.


Tune in tomorrow for the grand finale, tip no. 5 and once again I’ll remind you that we’ll have the full list posted on the weekend.

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MP3:: Perfeck Strangers – Work To Do f. Drake



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