Pro-Tip:: Get Yourself on the Hill in 2011 - Vol. 5

Well we’ve made it to the final installment of our week-long posting series of tips that might help you get your music posted on our site. Hopefully you found it useful, so that even if you can’t stand our site, there are some nuggets you can take with you as you contact other sites. So this week we’ve talked about repping your Canadian-ness, tips for presenting your music, about the value in a good old-fashioned name drop, and yesterday we suggested that a bit of blog-homework might be helpful.


Today’s tip? Well, today’s tip isn’t so much about what to do prior to getting in touch with us, but about what comes after that. So here we go.


5. Don’t Be Mad.
Right, so let’s say you follow tips one through four with exact precision, and we still don’t post on your music. Believe me, this does happen, and it likely will continue to happen. But please be aware that it is not personal, and we cover as much music as we possibly can. But at the end of the day we are but two dudes with a blog. We have full-time jobs, wives, kids, etc and so on. We get lazy, we forget things, we miss things, and in the end, we do end up making some random selections around here - oftentimes we’re like Al Davis in the Raiders war room, high on a cocktail of vermouth and illicit Mexican boner pills, barking out orders to draft another fast WR that no one thinks will be any good. So I guess what I’m saying here is just because we don’t respond or post your stuff, don’t get mad. Feel free to follow up with us - sometimes a gentle reminder is all we need - but also keep in mind that we simply don’t have time to respond to every submission. So try us again, try other blogs, just keep at it. There are plenty of other great sites out there run by people far smarter than I, and you might be just what they are looking for.


That’s all she wrote folks, thanks for reading, and we’ll have these tips linked up to our Contact Us page in the near future on the off chance anyone is looking for them later on. Keep those submissions coming, you never know when that blog lightning is going to strike…

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MP3:: Rural Alberta Advantage - Stamp

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