Quick Hitters:: Cursed Arrows - Death Rattle Blues

Death Rattle Blues

Like the big ol’ showoff he is, the Ack has already managed to post on three great local releases, and we’re but a mere six days into the new year. How am I supposed to be expected to compete with that? Well I’m going to start trying with some rather new Haligonians, Cursed Arrows, a “gender-balanced” two piece that re-located to Halifax from Upper Canada last year, and they have themselves a shiny new Bandcamp site, on which you can not only get their first two albums, but also d/l their new cassette release gratis.


A few listens of Death Rattle Blues this AM makes it pretty evident that Ryan and Jackie will, ahem, hit the mark, if you’ll give them the chance, after all, the Ack was moved enough by their last full-length release to break out a Punch Out reference - and he doesn’t break out the original Nintendo refs lightly. So go have a listen for yourself - if the swampy, garage-thump of the title track doesn’t grab you, perhaps you’ll be lured in by the exuberance of the live acoustic Carefree Chemicals (video below), or you might be charmed by the rather excellent Beck & PJ Harvey covers. I know they’ve got my attention now.


It appears I’ve been sleeping on Cursed Arrows, but I’ll be keeping my eye on them to see what comes next. How about you do the same.

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MP3:: Cursed Arrows - Rid Of Me (PJ Harvey Cover)
BANDCAMP:: cursedarrows.bandcamp.com

VIDEO:: Cursed Arrows - Carefree Chemicals (Live Acoustic)



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