Best-of ’11:: Nick Everett Old Adventure/Love Songs

Nick Everett is a song writer that moves slowly, with purpose. Seemingly too young to have been blessed with such an old soul, Everett’s debut EP is beautiful melody paired tasteful with honest, emotion heavy vocals that make you smile even as they tug at your heart strings.


He speaks in world worn truths, not awkward adolescense. He moves gracefully, offering a delicate touche, not heavy breathed fumblings. If all things were fair, this is the type of singer song writer that would blast out of each and every corner coffee house instead of passed through mediashares looking for any port in the storm.


Recorded with a string quartet in the King’s College Chapel, Old Adventure/Love Songs absorbs the aromas from the century old texts and oil paintings. The melodies embrace the tradition of the small schoo and hears the whisper of the spirits that hide around corners and move in secret societys. This is art. It’s wasn’t made to sustain us, simply to fuel our fire. It’s the type of beauty that can’t be, or more accurately shouldn’t be explained, only embraced. Oh captain, my captain indeed.

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MP3:: Nick Everett - Numbered Days

Not surprisingly, songsillinois already picked on Nick’s talent while I assumed I could take my time and digest the melodies. I wholeheartedly agree with the spot on comparisons Craig offered up (Sean Hayes the most fitting to my ears), but when I hear the melodies of Old Adventure/Love Songs float around in tiny rooms, I can’t help but think of Teitur. Hopefully Nick’s talent will be as well received.



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[...] young songwriters is going to warm the stage for the Murphy’s. Nick Everett’s debut EP, Old Adventure/Love Songs blew me away on first listen and the young man has pushed boundaries on every project since. [...]

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