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I can’t pretend to be an expert in the spiritual ideals put to parchment in the 19th century by self-proclaimed Messenger from God, Bahá’u'lláh. I had a copy tucked on my bookshelf, a gift from a former lover who’s love for the unconventional always trumped her love for me.


I can’t argue for or against his vision as humanity as a single race, although, it would provide much needed answers and resolutions. Quite simply, I never read the book. I simply possessed it much like records of critical appeal that never were pulled from their protective sleeves. For some naive reason - the one that ultimately drove us apart - having and holding onto something meant the same to me as knowing and understanding it.


Honestly, if not for the fact I heard about Montreal’s The Hidden Words - a new project from Alden Penner, Jamie Thompson and some extremely talented friends - through a facebook note instead of the more standard email approach, their infectious, sonic representation of Bah’s words (sung in French) would have probably collected dust just like the text that inspired the band.


“Temple” isn’t a pilgrimage; no, this five minute escape isn’t a religious experience. Spiritual at it’s headiest moments maybe, Temple is more like meditation. Fears and pressures slowly peel away and the clouded haze dissipates leaving nothing but direct access to the metronome click of my beating heart. Whether or not this song pays tribute to Bah’s words I can’t say, but it certainly contrasts his thoughts of a single humanity because as the hand claps, harmonies, picked guitar and swirling, Middle Eastern textures wash over my body, everything else disappears. I am alone. Blissfully, peacefully, and contently alone.

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MP3:: The Hidden Words - Temple
WEB:: The Hidden Words facebook




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