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It seems like I do a lot of hip hop for these Friday Fun posts - EP’s, mixtapes and the like, so I wanted to do something a little different. Different, but still fun for your Friday, and that’s where Montreal’s Honheehonhee comes in. Seriously, forget their song, just say “Honheehonhee” a few times and tell me your fun quotient hasn’t already been raised. Add in the fact that they describe the name as “the sound French squirrels make”, and we’re off to a great start.


But there’s more! Honheehonhee sent us their new single A. Is For Animal the other day, and when we were discussing it, the Ack said “it starts out weird, but then it gets good”. And it does indeed get good, very good in my humble. The weird bit is some lazer-ry like synths that serve as the opener, and I’m a fan of those, but the song has all kinds of goodness: plenty of big guitars, a catchy chorus that invites singing along, the aforementioned synths running throughout the track, and plenty of falsetto. Fact: falsetto makes every Friday funner.


So there you have it, Honheehonhee, bringing the fun on multiple levels. They’re also bringing a new album called Shouts this spring and are planning a summer tour, so keep an eye out for more Honheehonhee very soon. I certainly will be.

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MP3:: HONHEEHONHEE - A. Is For Animal




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