News:: Herohill Nominated for CBC R3 Searchlight 2011 Poll

Searchlight 2011

Ok, which means exactly what? I hear you asking. Well many of you fellow Canadians with your own music blog are no doubt well aware, but one of Canada’s preeminent outlets for Canadian indie music, internet/satellite outfit CBC Radio 3 have launched their annual Searchlight poll where they attempt to find the best music-related something in the country. In the past they’ve had all their listeners vote on things like the best record store or festival in Canada, but this year they’re looking for the best music website in Canada.


So this is where we, and hopefully you, come in. If you enjoy the hill, and have a minute, please head over to the site and vote for yer Halifax homies. Sure, in the past we might have avoided straight up asking for votes, but not now. We’ve reached a kind of “make it or break it” level with the site I think, and getting as far as we can in this poll might give the site some healthy exposure.


So vote for us if you’d like (we’re not above bribes, but keep in mind we have almost nothing of value to offer), and we’ll be your best cyber-buds forever if you do, but if you have a second, just go vote for someone. There are tons of great sites on the list, and hopefully this contest will mean some exposure for them.


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PS I Love You - Get Over



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