Reviews:: More Or Les - Brunch With A Vengeance

More Or Les - Brunch With A Vengeance

Ugh. If I was looking for a record to exemplify the challenge I’m facing in trying to keep up my posting here on the hill whilst doing all the other adult-type things a 36 year old man should be doing instead of posting on his blog, it has to be More Or Les’ Brunch With A Vengeance.


Why, you ask? Well because I enjoy Brunch With A Vengeance, and I’ve been holding off posting on it until I could find enough time to give it some quality listens and write something coherent about it. Well it’s like 2, 3 months later and I’ve to find that time, so I’ve yet to post on it. So please, how about you just go check out the record, buy it if you like it, and I can feel less guilty about the whole thing. After all, it’s like a concept album from a self-proclaimed “nice guy” who loves “lattes and light beer” hating on a vast array of things, from people’s bathroom etiquette to crappy floss-rap, to having to leave the house. Plus he’s a charismatic MC with clever lines for days (“asking my girl what you think of these pants, the soft things with drawstrings and rub the floor a lot, so don’t get too close because you might get shocked” It’s My Thing refs? Yes please).


I feel I should at least offer a half-assed defence for the lateness of this post, so you have to factor in that the album is 19 songs long, and so there was an awful lot to take in. It seems like Les might have missed out on some album title fun by not splitting this into two records - he could’ve quickly released a second album and called it Brunch With A Vengeance II: Brunch Harder or Brunch With A Vengence 2: Electric Omelettaloo, or perhaps even something that was actually clever. But I’m not complaining, more songs in this case means plenty of solo More Or Less goodness, as well as guest appearances from folks like Ambition & Wordburglar on Busted Gear, Timbuktu, MisterE, Abdominal, The Wordburglar and The Mighty Rhino on the solid posse cut Nice Guys Too, and even the UK production aces The Herbaliser on A Lotta Talk. Plus, the production is solid and varied throughout the album, some from Les’ frequent collaborator Fresh Kils, and some from others who will have to remain nameless due to my lack of album credits.


So c’maaan folks, do your part here, as apathy will only ensure that nice guys continue to finish last. Get yourself a copy of Brunch With A Vengeance, and then say it loud, “I’m nice and I’m proud!”.

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MP3:: More Or Les - Busted Gear f. Ambition and The Wordburglar




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