Please sign this band:: Adam & The Amethysts

Montreal’s Adam Waito and his band of Amethysts have returned with a call to to action, penning a folk anthem destined to lead our roaming brigade of romantics equipped with nothing more than our hearts, noise makers and tiny, plastic weapons. This may not be why we fight, but it’s why we love. Less of a prophecy, and more invitation to breath.


With every spirited woo, ramshackle percussion clack and warming harmony, we feel our hearts start to beat in time and blood course through our veins. We’re finally ready to move, which makes the gradual evolution to the endless potential of a new year and a fresh start so poetic. Dressed in my finest blacks and searching for something intimate and inspiring, I would trade it all to hold hands with this song and raise a glass before it walks off the floor and out of my life forever. And I’d be happy, knowing that scene would play over and over until it was only shadows and dust and all I knew for sure was we once co-existed for the briefest moment in time.

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MP3:: Adam & The Amethysts - Prophecy

Adam & The Amethysts are looking for a label to put out Flickering Flashlight, so if you are a label head, don’t miss the boat on a band that dares to push itself both sonically and emotionally, and challenges us to do the same.




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