Quick Hitters:: Emay - Incorruptible

Emay - Incorruptible

Early this year, we were sent an email from Hamilton MC/Producer Emay (Mubarik Adams), and I remember going to his Bandcamp site and being really intrigued by what I heard. So of course I made a note to revisit Emay’s work and get something posted on the hill about it. Well here we are some three months later, and the prolific Emay has managed to release a new EP (Incorruptible) before I was even able to cobble together a post on his last one (Mind Altering Dynamics).


I know my posting turnaround time is not the fastest, but that’s just embarrassing really. So it’s not going to happen again - as you can see for yourself, I’m posting on his new EP Incorruptible right now. Partly because I don’t want to give Emay a chance to release a third EP before I get to this new one, but mainly because I find what he is doing really interesting. His production has a really DIY feel to it, plenty of big, fuzzy drums and other found-sounds added to create sound collages that can range from spacey & otherworldly (The Brian Jonestown Massacre-sampling Bars) to hopeful and almost sunny feeling (Against The Wind).


Add Emay’s lyrical skills to this mix - a combination of the somewhat esoteric with some ol’ fashioned storytelling and pop culture refs, and you’ve got a pretty exciting package. And I do mean exciting, as I’m not sure I’ve heard anyone, in Canada anyway, doing quite what Emay is here: mixing the type of dense, bedroom-made instrumentals we’re getting sent quite often these days with really solid underground hip hop, it’s great stuff in my humble. I encourage you get over to his bandcamp page (where he has his EP’s available gratis) to check it for yourself.


“If you don’t like my rhymes, check the beats, and if you don’t like my beats, then you’re deaf”.




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MP3:: Emay - Bars f. Evan Abeele & Optimist Park
WEB:: emayzin.com




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