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I’m no expert, but it seems like The Belle Comedians are a band who could do some big things. Now that’s something that’s been said about countless Halifax bands in the past, and considering the mellow(ish) brand of folk-infused indie rock this five-piece plays, I’m not talking about top-40-radio-type big things. But when you see the success an outfit like Hey Rosetta!, who are vaguely similar in their emphasis on lyrics and melody, have had of late, I could see The Belle Comedians finding an audience for what they do.


I’ll admit I haven’t spent too much time with the BC’s recently released EP, Without A Sound, but their sound has started to make more of an impact on me on the second or third time through. Whereas the peppier numbers like the opening 1-2 punch of “Lost In The Straws” and “Modern Touch” grabbed my attention on my initial listen, the bounce of the longing-filled “Long Drive Home” has made it a favorite now.


Without A Sound is available now on the band’s Bandcamp site, and if I haven’t made as much clear by now, I think this 7 song EP (the version I have also has 2 live tracks) shows that The Belle Comedians are already a band both comfortable and confident in their sound and direction, so I’m interested in seeing where they go from here.

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MP3:: The Belle Comedians - Modern Touch
BandCamp:: thebellecomedians.bandcamp.com



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