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In my humble opinion, a pop musician needs to approach music in the same manner a great chef constructs a dish. The best creations are deceptively simple; the chef must highlight key ingredients but satisfy your cravings and surprise you with hidden notes to balance any immediate blast of flavor. Ultimately, a pop song should be digested in the same way. You need more than an inviting melody. You need a complexity that dances beneath its shiny veneer to mellow out the sugary highs.


Edmonton’s Ghost Cousin, a orchestral indie-popping quartet, straddles that dividing line nicely. With a flair for melody, the band hooks you on first pass, but Ghost Cousin relies on textures. The orchestral opener, “I Wanna Hold Your Otter Hand”, benefits from a sexy piano riff accentuated by cymbal crashes but it’s the intricate subtleties the band adds that really expands the listen. “Skeleton in Cupboard” should hit home with fans of Grizzly Bear and “The Big Dig” is toe-tapper, but the band really finds its stride on “Endeavor” and “Time Traveling Blues.” Both offer an escape; built from melodies that fill the room and wants to fly, but when examined more closely, the substance and weight certainly keeps the effort grounded (a skill Belle & Sebastian should trademark).


The remastered version of this 2010 EP is available on their bandcamp site. It’s PWYC, but I’d suggest shelling out a few ducats to help the band keep writing music. You won’t be disappointed.

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MP3:: Ghost Cousin - The Big Dig
WEB:: http://ghostcousin.bandcamp.com



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