Quick Hitters:: 41st and Home Gorbachev

The horn laced energy that booms from the speakers on “Gorbachev” doesn’t conform to our status quo but I just couldn’t slog through another slice of pleasant, milquetoast folk today. Most days I’m quite happy to digest any sad-sack acoustic plodder, but the sun is finally out here in Halifax and the temperature is on the rise.


Basically all that preamble means one thing; SUMMER JAM. It’s easy to settle into the strings and keys that Vancouver’s 41st and Home deliver, but it’s the soaring harmonies and rafter rocking choruses that melt any residual ice left behind by the band’s Cold War imagery. It’s a solid introduction to the band and the other songs I’ve heard demonstrate an appreciation for well thought-out arrangements that move nicely from epic anthems to hushed intimate ballads.


Extra bonus points for lead singer Thom Kolb in the video they recorded for the song. Not enough people have the moxie to dress like one of the feeder gangs from The Warriors. Come out and play, indeed. 41st and Home will release Raised By Wolves on July 12.

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MP3:: 41st and Home - Gorbachev
WEB:: http://41standhome.bandcamp.com


Gorbachev (live from the garage) from 41st and Home on Vimeo.




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