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This one is pretty special. Dog Day is about to kickstart the campaign for their new album, Deformer, the first full length release on their own label. I can’t think of more talented band that has had to deal with as much shit as Seth and Nancy, so going at it with full control is probably the best thing for their sanity and artistic vision.


What makes this installment of DiM so cool is Seth, a sound junkie, focuses on the genesis of the songs and how the songs were put together, instead of the lyrics. It’s kind of the direction we wanted the series to go, asking the band to invite our readers into their creative process as opposed to deciphering their thoughts and messages. We couldn’t be happier with the end result, but I guess it doesn’t hurt to have a special, exclusive MP3 for you all to grab either.


Deformer is out August 2nd on fundog records.

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MP3:: Dog Day - Daydream


“DAYDREAM” - This song first showed it’s self in a jam, halfway into a practice. I was psyched on Nance’s swinger beat (she was in a Bonham phase) and wanted to track it right away before it got too used up. I stole some lyrics from an old song I had that never made it, and it fit nicely. It starts with an old recording Nance did of one of Woofy’s classic Dog dreams. He talks in his sleep, but you really can’t make out a word he’s saying.. It’s all gibberish.


“PART GIRL” - One of the first songs we tried as a two piece. Wrote this after getting accepted into a musician’s residency in LA. We were stoked at the idea about getting away for the Winter. It was our first US tour as this incarnation and was still kind of an experiment. The song deals with that stuff I guess.


“EUROZONE” - Playing Europe always feels so out of reach when you’re a dirt poor indie band. We have a real blast playing there, but haven’t been back for a couple years. I wrote this song to take us back there. Sort of a Field of Dreams Kinda thing. “Build it and they will come.”


“I WANNA MIX” - This was one we recorded as a 4 piece on the scrapped album, that just wasn’t working out for some reason. We pulled it out one day and shook it up - Nance sang and I hit the drums, and it seemed to fit better. The song’s about messing around and trying to make things work so i guess it did.


“WHAT SHE SAYS” - Wrote this after finding a cool riff on an acoustic in the kitchen. Kinda wrote its self once I got started. One of the first tracks we recorded on the album and were still figuring stuff out, so it’s a looser track. Just another ramblin’ song about gossip.


“SOMEBODY” - This was an old song that we tried as a full band at one point, but I felt it just sounded better as an acoustic track since that’s how I met it. Kinda about our friend Stan.


“POSITIVE” - I wrote this song in 5 minutes. One of those tunes that was given to me from outer space. It was during a real bummer time and was just a cool song to talk to when I needed to cheer up.


“SCRATCHES” - This was the first song that we finished. I wrote it in bed, while tying to go to sleep for three hours. Wanted to give it lazy melody and a fast strumy rhythm so it would feel sleepy and anxious at the same time. I ripped the chorus line off “Anxiety” on New Problems. I figured no one would notice. Put a sample in it from a sci-fi flick because it was stuck in my head. Suiting right?


“BLUISH GREY” - This was the last song we did. It was tracked and mixed a couple days before we sent off the record. Wanted another Nance track and a non guitar track. We used Nancy’s sketchy old Space Echo on the vox and drum fills to trip the song out a bit. We live right on the ocean and when the fog rolls in, it’s like your instantly teleported into a dreamy void. You can really get lost in it. It kinda plays on that theme.


“NOTHING” - This song’s my first hater song. Our friends Cold Warps and Bad Vibrations had couple and I thought I’d try it out. Feels good to get that stuff off your chest. I recommend it. Musically was pretty inspired by JT IV. I think Nannie was drummin’ along to the Wipers at the time so that may have rubbed off a little too.


“MR. FREEZE” - Wrote this one in LA after hangin’ out with our pal Norwood Cheek, Superchunk’s old videographer. Wish it could have lasted longer… Woofy got to have some words at the end. Finally!


“IN THE WOODS” - This was before we got our house in the woods. We were touring a lot and the idea of moving to the country seemed very appealing. We really needed a break. Wrote the main riff this with the Nils in mind. Used my homemade Yin-Yang pedal on the guitars to give em a melty feel. Oddly enough, I wrote the bridge part during the Thank You sessions. Wow… full circle.



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Colin July 5th, 2011 at 9:53 am

I cannot WAIT for this record!!!

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