herohill house shows:: Dan Mangan

With the fantastic bit of news that exploded the internet yesterday, we figured it was time to get off our collective asses and post the grainy, not yet edited videos we have from Dan Mangan‘s visit to herohill for our inaugural house show.


Originally, the idea was to edit the videos, make them funky, fuse them with some of the photos my wife took and present the package to the masses. Obviously, real world got in the way and I figured it’s best to put the videos up in raw form for now, to coincide with the announcement of Oh, Fortune


All in all, the show was a rousing success. The Crackling played with Dan, we had requests for Beyonce, a friend tried to poison Dan with raw chicken, we ate braised brisket and drank wine. They covered Elliott Smith, talked about Narduwar and Stand By Me, and Dan and the fellas played a bunch of songs from Oh, Fortune. Considering a few days earlier he played to a sold out crowd that had dudes giving each other the multiple high-fives and one armed headlock hugs each time a familiar song was played, it was amazing to see the band playing pots and pans and hoisting their gear up on chairs.


So, enjoy the videos, add @danmanganmusic to your twitter feeds and support the hell out of these guys. Nicer and more talented people you will not find.

Track List:
“Post War Blues”
“Oh, Fortune”
“Leaves, Trees, Forest”
“The Waltz #2″ (Elliott Smith cover)
“Rows of Houses”
“Some People”



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