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The greatest power is often simple patience. This quote comes from self-made millionaire, a direct mail savant. If he really wanted to use his mailing skills for good, he should have packaged those words into some manillas and overnighted them to every aspiring musician.


It takes time to learn how to build a melody that doesn’t rush to climax, peak to soon or overpower subtlety. It’s no different than how a writer develops characters or a cagey veteran pitcher sets up a hitter. When The Buttless Chaps disbanded and front man Dave Gowans started his new project - Cloudsplitter - he assembled a collection of very talented friends (Jesse Gander, Doug Liddle and Stephen Lyons) and let the songs steep slowly to fully develop flavor.


The arrangements on the new LP are minimal, which isn’t something you’d expect from a band fusing traditional 70′s country with surprising psychedelic textures, but the presentation is immaculate. Notes aren’t rushed or masked. Melodies move slowly, with confidence (just feel the surge of “Start with the Soil”). Cymbal washes, gritty textures and soaring piano all heighten the drama, but as you listen, you realize each and every note serves a purpose and none compete with Dave’s melancholic verses.


Dave’s voice, for those that fell in love with the ear pleasing folk rock the Chaps delivered, is so unique and identifiable that I thought it would be hard to separate the new songs from the past. Instead, Dave’s perspective has changed to work with the new sonic backdrop his friends provide. Sadness. Failure. Heartache. These are the unfortunate muses he works with now, and while they aren’t as inspiring as the optimism that made me fall in love with the Chaps, they are equally as engaging and delivered with as much success.

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MP3:: Cloudsplitter - Start with the Soil WEB:: http://cloudsplitter.bandcamp.com/



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