Best-of ’11:: The Hidden Words Free Thyself from the Fetters of this World

The music of The Hidden Words is a spiritual awakening, but unlike most that read ancient texts and absorb the influence of great minds, these songs aren’t a call to action or a demand for change. These songs aren’t pontification from the pulpit or the fear inducing warming from a booming voice from the mountaintop. No, these hand claps, picked notes, soothing words and strings are inclusive, hoping to unify the masses in a more meaningful and permanent manner.


Free Thyself from the Fetters of this World is world music in the truest sense. The ideals extend past the boundaries and restrictions of today’s society. Built from the words of Bahá’u'lláh, the common inspiration, sounds, instrumentation and outlook invite you to listen. The songs often feel as European (the nylon strings plucks of “Myriads of Mystic Tongues” could have been born on the shores of Mediterranean) as they do Middle Eastern, but regardless of influence each song breathes the spontaneity of today. This journey was inspired by words written centuries ago, but the sentiments and the resulting inspiration are fresh and modern.


Without question, there are moments of spirituality — the church like feel the Hidden Words create with just falsettos and gentle picks on “O Fleeting Shadow” and the meditative, beautiful sounds “Unity Prayer”, “Clay of Love” and “Temple” — but the melodies are so diverse and infectious that even with the devotion and faithful manner in which the text is reinterpreted, the band never sacrifices enjoyment for enlightenment.


Obviously, there’s more going on that ear pleasing melodies. The band’s exploration of sacred texts shouldn’t be glossed over (certainly, Bahá’u'lláh’s words can refocus or shift your world view), but musically there is a sense of joy that warms this entire experience. The title track, taken directly from one of Bahá’u'lláh’s most quoted writings, uses fiddle, hand claps and group vocals to lighten the affair and the breezy feel of “Belleza” and “Dis” could calm the most restless spirit.


Jamie and Alden are no stranger to creative musical outlets, but The Hidden Words feels like the first incarnation that seems bigger than music and offers insight into their current mind set. Musically, it’s fantastic but really this record aims to expand your mind and help us come together as one. As hokey as that sounds, nothing could be more relevant in today’s political and moral landscape. UPDATE: The band has decided to take a bit more time before releasing the record, make some minor adjustments, and get the physical copies printed. Stay tuned!

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MP3:: The Hidden Words - Dis
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