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BEATFACE! That’s a name that just seems like it should always be written with an exclamation point to accompany its all-caps aggro-ness. It also seems like the name of a band I would never check out/post on, but like Yogi Berra used to say “that’s why the play the games, and also, that’s why they sometimes take a flier on a band with a sketch-comedy-troupe-sounding name and click on their Soundcloud links”. Yogi Berra did say that didn’t he? I’m pretty sure he did.


Anyhoo, BEATFACE is an electronic outfit from Toronto that I knew nothing about until yesterday when they sent us their latest single, A Bottle of Wine, and said single proceeded to catch my ear. I think that might be because I pretty much expected them to be freaking the electro funk, but Bottle Of Wine is a jaunty throwback tune with some dark lyrics and modern production touches. The rest of their debut EP, Amy certainly picks up the pace and could easily be unleashed to get the kids in the tight pants out on the floor, but I like what I hear.


Again, I don’t know the backstory of this T.O. trio (a singer, producer and drummer - Paul, Book and Jonny, respectively), but I am certainly impressed with the polished sound they are offering on their first venture. So while the uptempo-electro sounds BEATFACE(!) have on offer might not necessarily be aimed at those about to rock, I’d certainly be content to hear the hook-filled goodness of songs like We Don’t Need To Pretend or In Your Bed over pretty much anything that passes for dance music on the radio these days.


So go ahead, take a flier on BEATFACE (their EP is a free download). Like me, you might like what you hear.


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MP3:: BEATFACE - A Bottle Of Wine
WEB:: www.beatfacemusic.com




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