Quick Hitters:: The Greg Cockerill Band

Toronto based Greg Cockerill bleeds prairie blood. His latest, Festuca, is steeped in traditional roots and fueled by the constant chug of open road, full throttle rockers, but Cockerill’s true talent surfaces when lets himself take his foot off the gas.


Cockerill is a solid story teller (“Guns or Water” shows that), but when the amps are cranked sometimes the rough edges overpower his sincere emotions. Hearing him harmonize with Dahmnait Doyle on “Motel Bible” softens the “things didn’t work out” anthem, and “Sorry” really refreshes the LP.


Without question, the six-minute “Sing Low” is the star of the show. The jangle of the electric guitar kicks off this sun kissed gem and sinks it’s claws into your forearms, but the real warmth comes from the sing-along ready harmonies and fantastic organ work. It’s the type of song you stumble upon and hold tight.


Festuca is out now.

Sing Low.EQed by Greg Cockerill
WEB:: http://www.gregcockerill.com/




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