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Yesterday, my wife (and ultimately, the internet) shocked me by admitting she wasn’t a fan of the movie “Highlander.” Without question, I was slightly unsettled by the shocking dismissal of a sci-fi/action classic. I’ve watched that flick countless times, and one of the lines that I’ve quoted far too many times happens when Kurgan leaves the church (while executing a sassy spin move).


It’s better to burn out, than to fade away.”


The brave leap and equally majestic crash Kurgan speaks of (ironically, as dude is immortal) mirrors the Icarus like flight and plummet of Halifax’s most promising and ultimately short lived musical success stories. York Redoubt exploded out of the gate with one of the best records I’ve heard come out of Halifax in years, but in the blink of an eye, the band was gone. Then suddenly, we had Long Long Long, another spastic pop outfit that masterfully bounced between infectious pop nuggets and noise laced tangents. Sadly, that band flew too high and burned too hot.


Now from the ashes rises Each Other. Brad and Mike have pieced together another sonic tapestry, full of fragments, noise, and soaring pop. The head nodding groove they stumble into on “Odd Body of Water” is completed with harmonies and shows remarkable restraint, but songs like “Goosing Statues” and “She Stole Second” are full of the shronking guitar blasts, frantic transitions and noisy meanders we’ve come to expect from the creative duo.


I’ve long since given up on assuming any of these bands will be lasting entities, and choose simply appreciate the sounds Brad and Mike put to tape. Taking Trips burns faster than rocket fuel before consuming itself in less than 20-minutes, but the six songs are infectious, intriguing, droning, confusing, minimal and above all, fantastic. Grab this before it’s too late (especially if you can find the cassette with the silk screened print art).

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MP3:: Each Other - Goosing Statues




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