Here’s a fact: everyone loves a good posse cut. That is a fact, is it not? I know I love them, and if we assume most other rational people feel the same, we’ll assume that it is indeed a fact. That fact would then allow us to construct a shaky logic bridge to the assumption that it is easy to create a well-loved “posse” or “crew” compilation album, but as hip hop history is not exactly littered with such albums, I’ll have to assume it’s not true.


Well, what if I told you there was an amazing album from a Canadian hip hop collective, boasting 15+ members, that was released a mere two months ago? How much would you pay for said album? $50? $100? Well considering you can get yourself a digital copy of Backburner’s Heatwave for the incredibly reasonable price of $5, it would seem criminal not to do so. It also seems criminal that I haven’t reviewed this album, but I’m afraid that a busier work schedule and pre-HPX posts made pretty much any review from me a lost cause over the last couple months. Thankfully ‘Burner members Timbuktu and Ghettosocks were gracious enough to write a “Deeper Into Music” feature for Heatwave, which likely did the album more justice than any review of mine could ever do, but I still wanted to dedicate another post to it to ensure it gets the full measure of support from us.


Heatwave is the first collective work from the crew known as the ‘Burner since 2001 and even though it was recorded in 2009 it took an additional 2 years to get it out to the masses. Not surprising really, look at this massive list of dudes that contribute to the album and imagine trying to get them all invovled: Fresh Kils, Wordburglar, Timbuktu, More Or Les, Uncle Fester, Ghettosocks, Chokeules, Jesse Dangerously, Jay Bizzy, Thesis Sahib, Beatmason, Frank Deluxe, Dexter Doolittle, Psybo, Ambition, Johnny Hardcore, Manalive, Ginzu333 & Mister E. If you’re familiar with any of these guys, you know they make that throwback-inspired hip hop: strictly quality production, mic skills and lyrics. No weak club-hop to be found on Heatwave, so seriously, go get this album if you don’t have it.

BACKBURNER - Heatwave by Hand’Solo


As a bonus, here’s a new track from the ‘Burner’s SJ The Wordburglar (from producer AbstracK’s new album) as a sample of the high quality work these dudes do as solo artists.


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MP3:: WordBurglar - So Much Time