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Simply because of the name, I was hesitant to check out Tobin James Stewart’s solo work. I mean, Carpet of Horses is not exactly a name that jumps out of the ole inbox and screams quality, but the supporting players involved in the project more than erased any uncertainty.


With contributions from Ray Cammaert (Pink Moth), Nathan Lawr (Fembots, his own stellar solo work and the funky as hell afrobeat society, The Minotaurs) and mastering assistance from the House of Miracles, it’s fairly obvious that Stewart’s song and creativity are respected by musicians that help define the Canadian, real-indie scene.


The four songs on Stewart’s new EP move slowly but with purpose. Swells and surges add significance to the gentle post-folk, ambient numbers. Open space lets chords echo and help define Tobin’s heavy emotion but delicate harmonies soften the impact. Mot importantly, despite the collection of collaborators, Tobin uses a sparse touch and grabs the spotlight for himself.

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MP3:: Carpet of Horses - Take Hold
WEB:: http://carpetofhorses.bandcamp.com/



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jonjacob December 15th, 2011 at 10:18 pm

if you are familiar with the band red red meet the name would jump out of the ol inbox and scream quality. what a beautiful ep.

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