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Penny Blacks - HarbourIf you’re a regular hill reader, you likely already know that we think The Company House is one of Halifax’s finest venues, and as such, it’s the perfect place to hear Jason Ogden (under the Penny Blacks moniker) perform songs from his new album Harbour. Luckily this is exactly what will happen tonight, as Jason will perform at the CoHo along with Halifax’s Laura Peek and fellow NB’er Adam Mowery.


Those familiar with the Saint John music scene have likely heard Ogden’s name before, as he’s a veteran of many musical projects that have originated there. He’s no stranger here on the hill either, with both Penny Blacks and Hospital Grade, his longtime post-punk band, receiving past coverage on our cyber pages. But this is Penny Blacks first full-length project, and although it was once a singer-songwriter vehicle for Ogden, the sounds on Harbour are augmented by a large band of talented Saint John musicians. The lush, autumnal feel of this album not only makes for a pleasant listening experience, but it also makes it a perfect match for this time of year.


Harbour is full of beautiful songs that arose from a terrible time in Ogden’s personal life - the breakup of a long-term relationship that left him reeling. While this is not unique inspiration for an album, Ogden has a plainspoken-yet-passionate, storytelling style that draws you in to his world as you are tapping along to his often upbeat and catchy tunes. I believe tonight’s show is a solo affair, but I doubt it’ll be any less engaging, and if you’re not in Halifax, I’d still encourage you to go check out Harbour for yourself.

Penny Blacks - She’s Losing Herself
Penny Blacks - She’s Losing Herself by Sean Tripylamzi
Web:: www.pennyblacks.ca

Laura Peek - On the Shelf
Laura Peek - On the Shelf by thezuniormusiclabel
Web:: www.peekpeekpeek.com

Adam Mowery - A Matter of Time
Adam Mowery: “A Matter of Time” by hamburgertapes
Web:: www.myspace.com/adammowerysmyspace



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