Quick Hitters:: Silver Dapple

God damn. If 2011 sat in a confessional, it would beg forgiveness for the ocean of shoegaze acts offering the same reverbed guitars, precious melodies and universal adoption of shitty sounding recordings. Being an old ass dude, I’m ok with a return to 90′s guitar rock, but even I have to say enough is enough.


Thankfully, when a band like Montreal’s Silver Dapple muscles up and bullies their way to the top of the playground equipment, it shows that the genre can still sound fresh and stand out.


There is so much to love about English Girlfriends; the gritty, slacker vibe that seeps into the the fuzzed out melodies will warm your heart and the devotion to getting the sound just right is admirable, but it’s the poppy sound of Emily Deimert’s disenchanted but consuming vocals that really win you over. A port in the storm, Deimert’s voice guides you through the rough waters and even as the hull is being pounded with waves, you know you will make it through alive.

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MP3:: Silver Dapple - (Pauses)
WEB:: http://silverdapple.bandcamp.com/




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Alex Hudson November 30th, 2011 at 2:27 pm

Yup, it’s an excellent one!

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