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The constant struggle for a band like The Speaking Tongues - a white hot, boogie heavy garage blues band from Toronto - to get their music heard and appreciated has to be frustrating. I know there is a Canadian rock n roll revival/blues scene , but there aren’t many people writing about it and the kilometres between stops makes it damn near impossible for a band to build a devout fan base with constant gigging.


The sad reality is that even when a band smokes, they need to be down south of 49th parallel, and probably south of the Mason-Dixon line, to avoid having to serve people in the Winn-Dixie line. Don’t believe me? Just look at The Pack A.D.’s travelog for the last few years and you’ll get the idea. The spirit of swampy blues and garage rock thrives in the US, so it’s not all that surprising for a band like the Tongues can get asked to play the Deep Blues Festival and still barely get a line of print at home.


For people wondering how the new record sounds, The Pack A.D.’s latest (Unpersons) is a great reference point. There are still some ass shaking blues jams on the record, but overall the songs are more mature, more developed and more straight up rock. The Speaking Tongues show remarkable patience when they let songs like “Sugar in my Coffee”, “She’s My Girl” and “Cryin’ Shame” smolder instead of simply throwing gasoline on the fire and letting it burn.


Will this record help The Speaking Tongues get more attention here at home? Sadly, probably not, but the deserved swagger they put forth on the self-titled LP should appeal to bloggers like and hopefully open up some channels for the band to head down South and where this fresh batch of songs can start doing the heavy work. Hopefully, when that happens they will still hop in the van and make those 10 hour drives as they go coast to coast playing small shows for the people that love the shit out of their jams.

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MP3:: The Speaking Tongues - Karma Blues



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