Now this Canuck’s gonna beat on you like the drummer from Yukon Blonde hopped up on TimBits.”


Like many others, I did a double take when I heard the soaring harmonies and 60′s sunshine rock of Yukon Blond mentioned alongside other easy Hoser reference points like Justin Bieber, putine and Gretzky during last night’s How I Met Your Mother. If you spent any time with the band’s self-titled debut, you know they deserve any and all attention they receive, I just had no idea they had reached that level of ubiquity.


No matter how you slice it, a simple mention on prime time television marks the boys arrival. Whether they are simply the first band in the Google search results for “cool Canadian band” or popular enough that these hook merchants have started to make big waves in the lower 48, it’s a testament to Yukon Blonde’s talent…and effort.


Constant road warriors, the Kelowna born band has spent most of the last eighteen month proving that they’re more than just “rapid renards” (an unfortunate sounds like that got branded to their original record). Sure, they have harmonies that can stop you in your tracks and acoustic melodies that almost demand to be played on Summer road trips, but that often used but inaccurate barometer is not why you hear Yukon Blonde in bars, coffee shops, on airplanes and name dropped on CBS.


Kick drum. Plucky bass. Soaring, inspired vocals. Electric licks and acoustic strums; these simple elements become magical when the combination is executed correctly and almost every time, Yukon Blonde finds the right mix. “Fire”, the lead single from the band’s latest EP, drives forward with a nice, compact rhythm section and stretches out it’s arms with harmonies and electric guitar work. It’s inspiring, but not over dramatic or presumptuous. In today’s culture of instantaneous gratification, “Fire” is the type of song that should convert cursory Google searches into downloads and new fans, eh!

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MP3:: Yukon Blonde - Fire