Happy Holidays from herohill


You see that bad ass graphic? Run DMC, Christmas in Hollis. In terms of holiday jams, it gets no better. Anyway, around this time blogs and publications make with the best-of lists and trade them back and forth like Pokeman cards. This year, we decided to go another route, and channel our inner child.


Who didn’t love the Christmas Advent calendar growing up? No one, is the only suitable answer my friends. So this year, with a huge hand from graphic designer, beat maker, and neferiu records head honcho Mantrakid, we came up with something a bit more fun than a simple list. That’s right, the herohill advent calendar. Call Stuart Scott because we just brought our own BOOYA. Each day, we will unlock a new artist we loved this year and offer up a song. At the end of the 25 days, we will offer up a zip file with all 25 songs in case people want it, but in the mean time you can relive that excitement of opening a new square every day.


As for the music… Best-of, the whole concept is so subjective, so we went with our favorites. These are DIY and small label bands trying hard to win fans and deliver great songs. We aren’t going to argue with you about inclusion or omissions. We decided to skip over some bands we really love that have had amazing, mind-blowing years and released albums to match - Dan Mangan and Dirty Beaches come to mind- which sucks, but this is the one shot we get to give people a single view of some unknown acts that really connected with us and fall in line with our raison d’etre so to speak. That being said, these 25 records all hover around the top of the pile, and the last few entries are really the 5 or 6 records that shaped my year musically.


So, each and every day, head over to herohill.com/xmas and see what hidden treasure we’ve tucked behind the magic door. If you are so inclined, share it on twitter and add the hashtag #herohillxmas




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