With a name that sounds more like a Jason Stratham film than a avant garde noise experience, it’s easy to see why Drip Audio artist Dixie’s Death Pool flies far under the radar. On a casual listen, it’s hard to grab a foothold on the complex, expansive sound collages Lee Hutzulak creates but when you sit down and open your ears, the rewards are there.


Cinematic soundscapes and electronics are gradually chipped away by blasts of noise, warbled effects and clanking percussion making for an experimental listen that is both challenging and enjoyable. Almost every song challenges itself, like Lee’s decision to build tension and confusion to start “The Passenger” before evolving the song into a Waits like mumble and surprisingly accessible jazz feel. Even the most beautiful moments - “Let’s Sleep on Beautiful Plans” and the scratchy “Sky Woman’s Directive” - are restless and cagey.


Lee can’t sit still, and as a result the compositions are taught and could break with any access pressure. It’s not a comforting or even comfortable listen, but the combination of synths, samples, strings, reeds and noise are remarkably engaging.

Dixie’s Death Pool - Sunlight Is Collecting On My Face by Drip Audio