Joel Plaskett has done the impossible. Not only has he carved out a successful career for himself here in Halifax (yes, technically Dartmouth, I know this), something the rest of us find challenging at the best of times, but he’s done it in the most fickle of industries. Music is an uphill battle of a business that many talented people struggle to get a foothill in no matter which of our country’s bigger cities they happen to reside in.


Considering his accomplishments to date, one would certainly forgive Joel if he decided to rest on his laurels for a while - if he has laurels that is, somehow I doubt there are laurels to be found on that long & lean frame of his. But no, there shall be little-to-no laurel-resting for Mr. Plaskett, as he’s already well into his ambitious plan to release 10 songs in 10 weeks and have them premiered, one by one, on CBC Radio. The collected songs will then be released as a full record entitled Scrappy Happiness on March 27th, and a tour, starting April 13th, will follow. I should also mention that the individual songs will be available on iTunes after their release as well - there’s just too much Scrappy Happiness to mention really, so head over to Joel’s site for the full monty.


But the first two songs are out, and both You’re Mine and Harbour Boys stay true to the Patented Plaskett formula for success that he’s been cooking up in his Scotland Yard studio over the last few years. Toe-tapping riffs, emotive sing-alongs, memories of yesteryear and tears in your beer - it’s all there, and Joel sounds like he’s in top form. Of course he’s also documenting the song-making process along the way in video format, and as per usual, Joel looks like he’s never been happier when he’s lovingly crafting his sounds via his vintage equipment.


So check out some scrappy & happy doings below, and follow the album’s evolution over on the CBC:



Video:: Joel Plaskett - You’re Mine


Video:: Joel Plaskett - Harbour Boys