When we last heard from Halifax’s Long Weekends, they were giving away a four-song EP that filtered their fun loving, hard driving garage hooks through a swampy filter with fantastic results. Since then, the trio has stormed the stages of Sappyfest and started to deliver on the hooky potential that slid through the ooze of Warmer Weather.


Don’t Reach Out – the band’s contribution to the excellent Noyes 7″ subscription series – is a whole new ball game. Attitude and hi-jinx have given way to precision and confidence. The two songs, “Don’t Reach Out” and “Show Your Face”, sparkle. They are pop songs in the greatest sense of the description. Sure, they are still built from shimmering guitar, heavy bass lines and crashing drums, but at their core, these eight-minutes bop and soar more than they thrash. “Show Your Face”, the most shocking and impressive evolution in sound, is still gritty and energetic, but when the yelpy vocals and guitar work take over, you can’t help but urge the whole thing to take flight.


The trio isn’t trading in their leather jacket sound for crisp lines and tailored suits, but if Don’t Reach Out hints at what’s to come from this band, we might have found the new face of the Halifax scene.

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MP3:: Long Weekends – Show Your Face
WEB:: http://www.looongweekends.com/