Quick Hitters: C. Sterling No Matter

In the last few years, the number of acts presenting slight folk compositions bolstered by orchestral layers has grown to an all-time high. Pleasant and safe; while perfectly acceptable, aren’t really the descriptors you pine for when discovering a new band.


C. Sterling - the solo project from Craig Smith - could easily be saddled with those same descriptions (and on first listen, pleasant was the exact word I chose), but the Vancouver based musician isn’t limited by them. No Matter is technically his cotillion ball, and while the plucks on his acoustic, emotive breathy vocals and systematically added drums, horns, electronics and horns aren’t a unique recipe, the more I’ve listened the more of an impact the songs make.


“All That Hell You Breathe” uses a nice crescendo to pique the listener’s interest, and the title track, (a simple song about a never ending love) benefits from the contrast of Casey Mecija’s lovely voice and some horns, but he does best when the pace is picked up. The EPs most successful song, “Tiger Proud”, leaves any hint of orchestral folk behind and Smith settles into a nice melody strengthened by rim shot percussion warbled effects.


No Matter isn’t without fault; the child like melody Smith uses on “No Matter” makes the concept of true and lasting love seem like a naive fairytale (and admittedly, this could be the point and simply doesn’t resonate with me), but C. Sterling presents themselves well and makes you take notice.

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MP3:: C. Sterling - Tiger Proud
WEB:: http://csterlingmusic.com/



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