Right now, the view from most Halifax windows is like a painting. The morning sun is reflecting off the fresh fallen snow and despite the frigid temperatures, the world feels alive. The lawns are filled with sparkles, making me wonder if late last night someone dumped a collection of precious gems to say thanks to the good hearted. From the comforts of our homes, every centimeter is inviting. We are sheltered from the chilly temperatures and icy winds, our hearts feel warm, and our thoughts are inspired.


Calgary’s Morgan Greenwood lives thousands of kilometers away, huddled for warmth in the foothills of the Rockies, but he paints with the same strokes. His latest creation, the aptly named Winter LP, is built from long, fragile crystalline structures and spiky crags that have been tended and cultivated with care far greater than simply programming beats into a machine. His craftsmanship is the odd intersection of ambient electronics and Fraggle Rock; his Doozer like dedication breathes life and beauty into seemingly cold structures.


These sounds and textures shouldn’t be shocking when you consider Greenwood’s work as a part of Azeda Booth, but Morgan introduces new emotions and explores new depths on Winter. “The dd” hints at inner turmoil and fear and the entire record seems a bit more personable and open. Either way, the quality of the compositions is still high and considering it’s free, you should snatch it up quick.


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MP3:: Morgan Greenwood - Gourds Frozen Juice
WEB:: http://morgangreenwood.bandcamp.com/