I shant lie to you, I pretty much loved Teenage Kicks last EP, Rational Anthems, and so any news from the band is welcome on my cyber doorstep. And there appears to be TK news aplenty right now, as not only will they be playing in Halifax on March 30th (Michael’s with Wildlife and Glory Glory), but their new EP, Be On My Side will be released on March 2nd.

But that’s not all! Teenage Kicks recently launched their Singles Club, and for the low, low price of your email address, you can receive a new 2-Song Teenage Kicks single every two months. I know right, sounds amazing, so you should do it today. I just did it, and I feel great! And don’t worry, I’m not a paid spokesman, just a simple chap who has a jones in his bones for anthemic, guitar heavy jams that don’t suck, and Teenage Kicks know how to fill that prescription.

The A-Side from the first Single Club release is below, and goodness me is it ever a crusher. So if you like the sound of that, go ahead and get down with the Teenage Kicks program. I’m sure there’s more where that came from.