Appropriately named, the debut EP from Vancouver’s Twin River is a shimmering nugget nestled deep in the river bank, waiting for a prospector’s discovery and jeweler’s loving touch.

The four songs have rough edges (not to get all Randy Jackson, but Courtney Ewan’s vocals are a bit pitchy at times and Andy Bishop’s guitar dominates the sound at times), but the band tells such engaging stories and presents the surprisingly complex guitar work so starkly, those imperfections are easy to overlook.

Twin River (a due that has blossomed into a Voltron-like formation of various members of Red Cedar, Sun Wizard, Capitol 6, White Ash Falls, Chains of Love, Mode Moderne, and Pleasure Cruise), plays nostalgic, sun kissed psych-folk, but interesting use of electric guitar keep this EP from falling back into ’70s. It’s would be easy to cast the band as another Instagram-era, lost folk act but band pushes boundaries and stays current.

Considering this EP was recorded in Malcolm Jack’s apartment, and the band made the conscious decision to keep the arrangements and production/manipulations minimal, it’s easy to pine for a more polished output. Even in this naked state, the songs are there and given a bit more love, they could become something fantastic.

Rough Gold is only four songs and 12-minutes, but it was enough to get the band on the Sled Island bill and more than enough to put Twin River on any folkie’s radar.