Readers of herohill are probably familiar with Vancouver’s Jay Arner, even if they don’t recognize the name. Jay co-recorded the new Apollo Ghosts record and is a key contributor to bands like Fine Mist and Bleating Hearts. Now, as this huge picture of his face indicates, he’s stepping out on his own as well.

Jay’s solo work isn’t something that really intersects with the “sounds we talk about incessantly” section of our (fictional) “what gets posted” Venn diagram, but Arner’s synth-onic creations bore into your brain. Without being completely reductive, if you ever loved Bowie or New Order, well, you will like this. Arner revisits ’80s, electronic melancholy on “Broken Glass” and wisely chooses pop sensibility and open space over density. It’s blissful and light, and considering I had pints and a screaming baby up most of the evening, it’s exactly what I needed this AM.

Arner’s solo LP will be out soon.

MP3:: Jay Arner - Broken Glass