It’s Wednesday, and the temperature is still hovering around the Mendoza Line-esque 10 degrees it’s been near all week, so I’d say we need a little something to give us a jolt, wouldn’t you agree? Even if, like the Ack on his T.O. biz trip, you’re in warmer climes, just go along with my premise, you won’t regret it.

And you shan’t regret it because this post comes with a double dose of newness from Hill faves Cold Warps and their fantastic brand of nostalgic, hook-filled rock & roll. The foursome’s intentionally low-brow, yet incredibly infectious power-pop sing-alongs have have made them scene favourites here in Halifax, but having a member currently based in Ottawa has made new material from the band scarce. So news of a new 7″ from the band (recorded at Fundog by Seth Smith w/ screenprinted sleeves by YORODEO!! in 3 different colours) is met with much rejoicing.

As if that wasn’t enough for you, the band have a great new video for “Hang Up On You” that splices fairly-famous, phone-related movie scenes with live footage from a hardscrabble Cold Warps show. It’s good stuff, and it’s good stuff that there’s new stuff from Cold Warps, so here’s to even more new stuff!

Cold Warps - Hang Up On You from Paul Hammond on Vimeo.