Yesterday was as close to perfect as it gets here in Halifax. For one day we ignored the faltering economy, political chaos, increasing number of murders and countless other issues that dominate the Halifax news cycle.

For one day, the sun beamed proudly and the harbour sparkled as if the surface was coated with Arctic snow. People rejoiced freely as boats flooded the water, we ran without being chased and people indulged in beer and grilled slabs of meat. It was how it should be on a day that recognizes fathers, and as it should be when we recognize mothers.

If you picked a song to soundtrack the day, you couldn’t go wrong with with the new, tropical single from Saskatchewan electro pop duo, We Were Lovers. “Islands” plays like a musical passport to remote locations we only see in film or fantasy, and Elsa’s voice is certainly the vessel to take us there. The whole experience is remarkable, considering the duo would need a dowsing stick and prayers to find a watery retreat in their current hometown.

The electro pop melody is subtle and enjoyable, but the steel drums and guitar (and a Phil Collins like fill just after the 4-minute mark) make this synth melody more of a welcome, summer breeze than a dance floor retreat. We Were Lovers sound feels about as far from the cold winters and mining/farming communities we associate with the province, and offers a much needed escape.

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MP3:: We Were Lovers - Islands