I’m not sure if there’s an official genre we can attach to the music being made by A.A. Wallace (the release for his new single mentions “bedroom disco”, which I enjoy more than anything with “house” in it), but I know this: I like it. We’ve already posted a couple jams from the former Sleepless Nights frontman, but this latest one, “Offline”, is likely my favourite.

While still a danceable endeavor, Offline’s low key drum track and smooth synths provide the perfect delivery mechanism for A.A.’s tale of going off the cyber-grid. It’s got an addictive hook and a futuristic synth breakdown at the end for good measure - it’s perfect pop escapism. The single also has two remixes, a groovy, pumped-up electro version from French “nu-disco artist” Tiam Wills, and a stark-then-rockin’ version from post-rock outfit Kuato. Good stuff, check it out below.