Have they put Ottawa’s The White Wires on a stamp or some form of Canadian currency yet? If not, can we start Jeremy Lin-like petition to make it happen?

Three albums in and the trio of punkers from our nation’s capitol continue to reinvent themselves within their punk ethos. In a genre that tends to play the same chords and pound out the same 16 beats, The White Wires pogo from garage rock to pop punk and sugary power pop effortlessly.

WWIII is poppier than anything they’ve put out to date. Some of these jams are still tight jeans, leathers, sniffing glue and broken hearts done right, but the meat of WWIII is a deeper dive into guitar driven power pop. The White Wires plug in and crank the amps to 11, but the melodies they crank out and infectious sing-along choruses they offer up prove this is way more than just another collection of Ramones inspired nuggets and shows that the band is getting better with each new release.

Get on this record, now.

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MP3:: The White Wires - All Night Long
Web:: hhttps://www.facebook.com/thewhitewires