This here post would normally be a perfect candidate to be prefixed with the “Friday Fun” moniker, but the great title Shad has given his latest EP/album is a little too long to make that possible. No worries though, because once you give your ear holes the chance to hear Shad kicking the ballistics over tracks that sample jams from folks like Milli Vanilli, The Breeders, Lenny Kravitz, Prince and PM Dawn (in that order), there won’t be any doubt that the fun quotient here is high. Plus, there’s a chance that this title would piss off Corgan if he ever stumbles across it, and I think we can all agree that’s a good thing.

Like pretty much anything Shad does, this EP will put a smile on your face as you bob your head to the familiar beats (done by DJ T LO, HajahBug, and Shad) as Shad gets your brain muscle working as he drops his usual array of nerd-cool pop culture refs and wisdom-filled couplets. Who else do you know that is dropping Scritti Politti on one track, mentioning Bart & Milhouse’s longtime friendship on another, and coming with a verse about old school Bills Don Beebe, Andre Reed & Thurman Thomas to bring it home? Ok, in this day & age I’m sure someone else might be doing that, but they don’t do it as well as Shad. Plus, DJ T LO does fine work on the decks, making sure these old jams get the proper hip hop treatmeant.

Long story short: been waiting ages for someone to work a Milli Vanilli intro skit into a jam? Your wait is over. As a bonus, we got to mention PM Dawn in a post without mentioning the time KRS pushed him off the stage. Ooops, so much for that. Oh well, what’s important is the fact that you can go snag an awesome, if far too brief, reminder of why Shad is your favourite MC (as a pay what you can download). Do it.