Mondays, right? This guy knows what I’m talking about. Normally Mondays don’t faze me, but I’m dragging my ass today and was in desperate need of a boost. I found that boost in the form of Left of the Golden Era, a rather nifty mixtape from Steely Chan.

Steely Chan are a Toronto-based (via Vancity) production duo who are blessed with: 1. A fantastic name & 2. An admirable predilection for the funk and for creating mashups that mix a variety of vocal sources with a heavy dose of said funk. They are obviously lovers of classic hip hop, and this particular latest mixtape fuses various golden age jams from folks like Mobb Deep, Das Efx, Nas, Black Moon & even Tim Dog with the funk instrumentals of Amsterdam outfit Lefties Soul Connection. The results are pretty great, and certainly worth checking out.

Well, you should check it out if hearing classic hip hop tracks over a bed of funky geetar licks and machine-gun drums is something you’d be into…kidding, of course you’re into it. Grab the mixtape here. While you’re at it, head over to the Steely Chan Soundcloud for more mashup goodness than a neon fanny pack stuffed with Girl Talk albums. Seriously, it’s loaded with cool jams, I’ve already wasted a ton of time going through them today.