That’s right, people. Jenn Grant is one of Halifax’s most prized possessions - ranking order varies, but should also include Donairs, Propeller beer, Joel Plaskett, Ghettosocks’ glasses and the surprising amount of dude that wear jorts to work - so any talk of new music is cause for a Festivus.

Grant’s new record, The Beautiful Wild, is a mature affair, a record that showcases her love of pop music, displays a community spirit (there are more guests on this record than I had at my wedding I think) and finds producer Daniel Ledwell helping Jenn out of her comfort zone.

Built from single-string skeletons, The Beautiful Wild truly feels like the record Jenn has been trying to record for years. You still hear the heartache, whimsy, and love explode with each strum, but this time around her words take root in new textures and bloom like Spring flowers.

The Beautiful Wild is out Sept. 25th.