My goodness, this might be the Summer of Hand Drawn Dracula. After co-releasing the fantastic debut LP from Dusted, HDD ups the ante with a 100 tape run/digital single from the new Toronto band, Breeze.

With little more than pencil schematics scribbled into his trusted notebook, Josh Korody slowly recruited an army of talent to fully realize his sonic visions. Drafting foot soldiers from Elk, Hot Hot Heat, Louise Burns, Elk and The Great Bloomers, the unit moves with grace; demonstrating an effortless souplesse as they glide over the peaks and through the valleys of dreamy melodies.

The two songs are hazy affairs lending themselves perfectly to come downs and back porch beers during those precious moments when the sun fights to stay above the horizon. Oh, and blissed out drives to nowhere while the sun bronzes your skin. Basically, this is the Summer we slowly let go off when age and responsibility start to assert their will, but the band adds just enough fight to the outro of “Repent” to keep our hearts pumping.

Pre-order Paradise (in a while) now so you don’t get left out in the cold when the cassette hits the streets on Sept. 11th.

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MP3:: Breeze - Paradise (in a while)