Like EPMD in 1987, this is a World Premier. On Tuesday we mentioned that we’d be posting the debut of the new video from Hip Hop’s heroes of the lunchroom - Teenburger.

The Caley MacLennan-directed video for Food Court finds Timbuktu and Ghettosocks troopn’ hard through the Eaton Centre with some of their crew (Chokeules, More Or Les and Relic make appearances) and of course some lovely lady friends (including Saidah Conrad from Ain’t No Love, whose velvety vocals serve as the song’s hook). The video plays like a montage-intro to your favourite 80′s teenage caper flick, and does a great job capturing the laid-back-and-looking-for-shenanigans vibe of the song. The outro, featuring DJ Jorun just seals the nostalgic deal.

Great song, awesome video, so thanks to Teenburger and Droppin’ Science for allowing us to premiere it on the hill. And go get Burgertime if it’s not in your collection already.