There are precious few artists that bring me as much joy as Chris “Old Man” Luedecke. The Chester based banjo player picks fire, but has a voice that warmly wraps around you like a hug from a friend you haven’t seen in years.

Chris can sing about the political climate or loss and have the audience smiling from ear to ear and singing along as freely as when he recalls a big group breakfast or quitting a dead end job.

“Tender is the Night”, the title track from Old Man’s new LP, is as good as I’ve heard him sound. Chris is no stranger to collaboration - the rough edged work he recorded with Lake of Stew was a fantastic curveball for his fans - but the bold (and correct) decision to play with a collection of seasoned Nashville players adds more depth to the sound helps Chris deliver a heartfelt tale of homesickness.

Airports, stop overs, saying goodbye; it’s hard enough to say goodbye to a loved one or a good friend, but when your life changes and you are leaving a little one that changes so much each minute, those goodbyes become heartbreaking. Thankfully, Old Man softens the sadness of leaving with hope. The pillow of instrumentation that accompanies Luedecke’s words helps fully realize the joy of coming home.

The sound, for lack of a better word, is unearthly. Somehow, a man whose songs are rooted in tradition of men and women laboring in fields, creates melodies that take flight just like the planes he so dreads getting on and can’t wait to deliver him home.

Tender is the Night is out on True North Records on October 2nd, but you can grab five of these instant classics on Noisetrade right now. Don’t miss out on this, folks.

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MP3:: Old Man Luedecke - Tender is the Night