What? It’s the middle of September and we’ve yet to put up a post featuring all the acts from the 20th edition of the Halifax Pop Explosion in huge-chunk-of words format? Well, let’s remedy that right now.

Ado, Adventure Club, Ain’t No Love, Al Tuck, Ambersand, Ambition, Amos the Transparent, Andie Bulman, Andrew Bush, Astral Gunk, Atlas Sound, Bad Vibrations, Bane, Barlow, Big John Bates, Billie Dre and the Poor Boys, Bit Funk, Black Lips, Black Moor, Bloodhouse, Born Ruffians, BONKO BIANCA, Bredrins, Buddy McNeil and the Magic Mirrors, Camp Radio, Canailles, Career Suicide, Castle Wolfenstein, Catriona Sturton, Cauldron, Ceremony, Cheryl Hann, Code Orange Kids, Cold Specks, Cold Warps, Cool Blue Halo, Crosss, Dan Mangan with Symphony Nova Scotia, Dance Laury Dance, Death Valley Driver, Deer Tick, Demetra, Diemonds, DJ Craze, DJ IV, DJ James Reid, Doc Brown, Doom Squad, Dumpster Mummy, DVBBS, D.O.A., Each Other, El-P, Elliott BROOD, English Words, Eugene Mirman, Extra Happy Ghost!!!, Fat Stupids, Failure Epics, Flag On The Play, Folly and the Hunter, Freak Heat Waves, FRESHTABLES, Gabrielle Papillon and the Mighty Oak, Gianna Lauren, Gigas, Ginger St. James, Glory Glory, The Green Reflectors, Hands and Teeth, Heather Green, Hey Mother Death, Hilotrons, Hip Club Groove, HUMANS, Hymm, INSTRUMENTS, Irreverand James and the Critical Mass Choir, Jaguar Knight, Jerry Granelli, Jon Mckiel, Jon Samuel, Julie Doiron, Kestrels, King Tuff, Kuato, Lantern, Like a Motorcycle, Long Distance Runners, Long Weekends, Mardeen, Mark Davis, MattyBoh, Meisha and the Spanx, Merv Hartlen, Metalheart, Mike O’Neill, Mo Kenney, Monomyth, Napalm Raid, Nick Bike, Nick Everett & Everybody, North Lakes, of Montreal, Old & Weird, OUTTACONTROLLER, Owen Dacombe Steel, P80, PANOS, Paper Beat Scissors, Parlovr, Pat LePoidevin, Ponctuation, Purity Ring, Quiet Parade, Rain Over St. Ambrose, Revelstoke, Ria Mae, Robert Loveless, Ryan Hemsworth, Sea Glasses, Seamus Erskine, Sheer Agony, Shooting Guns, Skratch Bastid, Slam Dunk, Slow Down, Molasses, Sonic Avenues, Southern Shores, Special Costello, Stalwart Sons, Steve Mackie, Stop Motion Massacre, Strate Jakets, Tasseomancy, Technical Kidman, Terra Lightfoot, The Belle Comedians, The Bicycles, The Blind Shake, The Burning Hell, The Dudes, The Elwins, The Group Sound, The Helio Sequence, The I don’t give a rips, The Nymphets, The Pack A.D., The Wides, The Spring Standards, The Super Friendz, This Sound Will Save You, TORSO, We’re Doomed, Weirdo Click, Willie Stratton, Wind Up Radio Sessions, Wintersleep, Writers’ Strike, YAMANTAKA//SONIC TITAN, Yellowteeth, Young River, and Zola Jesus.

Wow, 20 years. Were I not decrepit enough to actually remember when the Pop Explosion started, I would think that is an impossibly long time. Even so, that’s an amazing achievement, so huge kudos are due for everyone who’s been involved with putting it on down the years.

Screw the past, what of this year’s festivus? I know that’s what you youngsters are asking. Looks like another solid lineup: there’s some buzzy Canadian up and comers like Purity Ring & YAMANTAKA//SONIC TITAN, American indie faves like of Montreal, Deer Tick & Black Lips, some hipster-approved hip hop in the form of El-P and quality local representation ranging from stalwarts like Wintersleep, Al Tuck & Mike O’Neil to up & comers like Ryan Hemsworth, Southern Shores & Ria Mae. Throw in reunions from folks like The Super Friendz, Cool Blue Halo and Hip Club Groove along with other goodness like a Dan Mangan/Symphony Nova Scotia show at the Cohn, a church show for hill live show Hall Of Famers Helio Sequence and an HPX return for The Dudes and you’ve got a potential barn-burner of a festival on your hands.

So get some tickets, tough guy (and/or gal). The Ack’s Halifax departure means there is no herohill showcase we’ll be pressuring you to go see, so get out and see whatever tickles your musical fancy. You’ll likely see me out and about though, so if you see me looking like I’m missing my hetero show partner, lay me a high five. Here’s some jams from HPX featured artists to help set the mood. Do it.