Call David Silver, because we are about to switch it up. Normally, you come here for outdated references (see above) and full album explorations, but sometimes a single song is all you need. Hence, the launch of Jams.

Vancouver’s retro rockers The Shilohs, are fixing to release a 7″ on Light Organ Records. The A-side, “Private Lives” is basically everything you need in a song. Fantastic ivory work and smoking guitar leads pave the way for vocals that stick to your ribs and harmonies that channel the goodness of The New Porns. It’s steeped in the ’70s, but god damn, when a jam sounds this nice you can’t complain.

The Shilohs are working on a full-length, but really these four and a half minutes are all you need to be hooked. Those in the Toronto area that aren’t already locked in for tomorrow night’s #PBR10 extravaganza should head to Duffy’s Tavern and soak in sounds.

The Shilohs - Private Lives by New Images