The other day I mentioned that I’d posted some four times on Teenage Kicks so far this year, and low and behold I’ve just discovered that this is my third post featuring Vancouver based producer mikedecline.

So, other than the fact that some 80% of my posting output this year featured just two acts (haha, not really, jokes!), what does this mean to you? Well mainly it means that if you’re remotely interested in instrumental hip hop, you should get up to speed on mikedecline. I pretty much loved both Umbrellatons and Calmmunicate, so his latest offering, MOOD SOOP was received with open arms.

You should really revisit those other two reviews for in-depth reasons as to why I think mikedecline is awesome, but this sentence bears repeating:

Here’s the thing I like about mikedecline’s work, he seems to have a tremendous ear for melody, and everything he does seems to have a real musicality and groove to it.

This trend certainly continues on MOOD SOOP, a collection of songs that attempt to capture & preserve the various feelings & moods the fall and/or winter seasons conjure up in folks. Timely, no? DJ K-Rec returns to add his deft turntable touch to the soulful, head-nod-inducing sound collages decline creates, and it seems he’s enlisted some other friends to add some live instruments and vocals to the mix. Once again, he’s concocted a winning recipe, heavy on scratchy boom-bappery and feathery R&B vocals, which I slurp up with the biggest of spoons. Seriously, listening to jams like Rain Sand Main Land or The Sun, The Shadow had me thinking I was back in 1997 bangin’ my Killarmy CD.

Clearly mikedecline gets the hill seal of approval, so when you’re stocking your musical cabinet for sustenance to get you through the winter, make sure you get some MOOD SOOP.