For some reason, it seems like this might be the first post we’ve dedicated to the solo, original work by Halifax producer extraordinaire Ryan Hemsworth. Pretty sure we’ve posted some of his songs before, but he’s an incredibly prolific guy, so it seems odd that it’s taken us this long to feature something like his latest EP, Last Words.

Oh well, I’d say there’s something fitting about the situation considering we usually do things ass backwards at the hill, so the time to feature Hemsworth would be now, when he’s already appeared on pretty much every single important blog and doesn’t need our support at all.

Whatever though! Hemsworth is reppin’ Halifax (for now?) and making some fantastic music, so we’re righting a wrong and imploring you to check Last Words if you’re not familiar with his work. He hooked up with LA collective WEDIDIT to release it last month and it’s a pretty fantastic listen. I won’t attempt to put any science behind my reasoning for what makes it great - there are plenty of folks with cap brims much straighter than those I own who have written many good articles about that already. I do know that a love of modern hip hop sounds seems to inform everything Hemsworth does, and so this EP finds samples and sounds of countless origins being layered with the kind of hard-hitting, drum machine percussion that would make the internet’s rapper du jour go, as they say, ham.

The moral of the story: we’re painfully late getting on the Hemsworth express, so do your headphones a favour and grab this gem for your autumnal commutes.