Hey friendo, do you enjoy dope raps, wicked beats, razor-edge scratches and high-school-type hijinks? Well then you should be up on Teenburger. Rhymes by two of the most talented & charismatic MC’s in the biz Timbuktu & Ghettosocks, and beats & cuts by the legendary DJ Jorun Bombay. What more could you ask for? Not much in our humble, that’s why these guys have all ben hill faves for years.

So we’re delighted to be exclusively premiering a new Teenburger video this coming Thursday. But we need to prepare for the occasion, and what better way to get fired up for it than a re-posting of their rather excellent video for Rock the Discotech. Shot in and around Toronto (with Jo manning the tables at home here in Halifax) by Caley MacLennan, who is also the man behind the new video, it gives you a good taste of the non-stop energy Teenburger are bringing to the party. Come back Thursday for a visit to the Food Court, but grab their debut long-player in the meantime.